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Anne's Story

Duration: 4:01

Anne shares how through the loss of her husband, God revealed her purpose in starting the group, Grief Share Celebration.

Carol's Story

Duration: 3:14

Being a wife, a mom of 10 kids, grandmother to 14 grandkids, and an entrepreneur, Carol learned to be what the Lord needed her to be.

Darla's Story

Duration: 3:54

With the diagnosis of breast cancer, Darla finds peace, joy, trust and faith through prayer.

Sammie's Story

Duration: 3:13

Sammie discovers that through our struggles and hurts, God loves us.

Nolan's Story

Duration: 2:42

Nolan shares that after turning from the wrong decisions and through prayer, God reveals his purpose and path in life.

Meghan's Story

Duration: 3:10

God replaces Meghan's fears with strength, freedom, protection, love and acceptance.

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