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Meghan's Story

Duration: 3:10

God replaces Meghan's fears with strength, freedom, protection, love and acceptance.

Greg Wempe's Story

Duration: 2:56

Greg shares how his experiences in Xai Xai impacted his life and his priorities. 

Mike and Amy's Story

Duration: 2:10

Mike shares how he found encouragement, strength and hope in everything as his marriage was restored. 

Adam's Story

Duration: 2:44

Adam wanted to see what being a Christian was all about, and found out he had to answer a very important question: "What are you so afraid of?"

Rose and Chuck's Story

Duration: 3:11

Rose and Chuck Cutrer share how God reconciled a relationship between Father and Daughter.

Cindi and Lynn's Story

Duration: 1:00

Cindi and Lynn share their story of how Small Groups have led to lasting friendships. 

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